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After a minimum of ONE year (Maximum of 5 years), of driving with a G2 licence, a person may book for the G2 EXIT road test, which will provide a full G class licence.

For more assistance, please call WHEELS DRIVER TRAINING LTD. at (905)-878-4135. Our business is Road Safety and we thank you for choosing WHEELS DRIVER TRAINING LTD.

Wheels will respond quickly to any requests. If our staff is out of the office when you place your call, please leave your message, your name and telephone number. Your call is important to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

12 hour immediate licence suspension if a driver has a BLOOD ALCOHOL CONTENT of .05% or more under the Highway Traffic Act.

May receive a 12 hour immediate licence suspension for failure to provide breath or blood samples in response to police demand.

For example, if driving under a 12 hour licence suspension which is a provincial offence the consequences are:  1st offence a 1 year licence suspension and subsequent offence within 5 years means a 2 year licence suspension.


  1. Every day before setting out: complete a walk around check of your vehicle; make sure that all glass on the car is clean; be sure your windshield washer tank is topped up; then inside the vehicle check your seat and mirror positions.
  2. In rain travel more slowly, use windshield wipers and keep an extra following distance from vehicles ahead of you. A car driven on the road is never to be closer than two seconds from the vehicle ahead. Wheels recommends that you never be closer than 3 seconds or more as a driver of a car.
  3. There are more long trucks on our highways now. At intersections, never pass on the right or squeeze in beside a truck to turn right at an intersection.

This what a quote looks like:

Clients who have successfully completed an approved Driver Training course with 25 hours of in classroom instruction and 10 hours of in car instruction, will receive from the Driving School Association of Ontario a graduation certificate. With this certificate in hand, a graduate may book a road test for the G2 licence, as early as 8 months after getting a G1 drivers’ permit.

A. Learners permit (G1) restrictions:

  • must drive with a person with a valid drivers licence who has been licensed at least 4 years.
  • the learner is not permitted to drive between the hours of midnight and 5:00 a.m.
  • the experienced licensed driver must have no more than .05% alcohol. (Wheels would expect that any licenced driver would have zero content of alcohol in his/her system, when in control of a car).
  • must wear seat belts.
  • learner cannot drive on 400 series highways, QEW, Don Valley, or any highway with a posted speed limit in excess of 90 kmh.